Robert Egler

State Certified Wildlife Damage Control Agent

(919) 561-0283


·       Trained and Certified NC Wildlife Damage Control Agent.

[What is a Wildlife Damage Control Agent?]

·       State licensed trapper.


·       More than 30 years trapping and hunting experience.

·       Member National Trappers Association and North Carolina Wildlife Federation.

·       Diploma in Wildlife Conservation.

·       BA, University of Pittsburgh

Having problems with the local wildlife?


Sometimes you can take care of the problem yourself, all you need is a
Wildlife Depredation Permit

[ What is a Wildlife Depredation Permit, and when do you need one? ]


Sometimes you need someone to take care of it for you.



I can help you in either case!


I specialize in rural nuisance wildlife management.


Services Offered

·        Inspection of property and damages. Free inspection !


·       Recommendations for exclusion of nuisance wildlife and Issuance of a State Wildlife Depredation Permit at no charge.


·       Live trapping and removal, or lethal, humane removal of the nuisance wildlife if necessary.  (Note: NC Wildlife regulations prohibit the live relocation of certain species.)
There are additional fees for these services, depending on the individual situation. 


Wildlife I deal with: (Click on each animal to learn more )













·  FEES: Always all fees will be discussed before any work is done.  For removal of most
furbearers during regular trapping season (roughly November through February)
 the fee is reduced from the normal service fee


·  Furbearers included are Gray Fox, Red Fox, Beaver, Raccoon, and Muskrat.  Difficult situations
may have additional fees.  Different charges apply outside of the regular trapping season.


For rural wildlife damage control in Chatham and Wake Counties
contact me at


(919) 561-0283

NC Wildlife Resources Commission Statement:


“Wildlife Damage Control Agents approved under this program may issue

permits to control wildlife causing damage and assist the landowner in

 controlling the animal causing the damage. Wildlife depredation permits

are free, but agents may charge for their services.  Fees charged are

between Agents and their customers. The Wildlife Resources Commission

 is not involved in any way with fees charged for wildlife damage control services.” 



Please note:  NC Wildlife Control deals exclusively with furbearers

(fox, beaver, muskrat, coyote, skunk, raccoon, and bobcat), plus squirrels. 

By North Carolina State Regulations I cannot deal with deer problems.


I do not do any wildlife exclusion (although suggested options will be discussed at no charge),
wildlife damage repair, dead animal removal or wildlife clean up.


I do not deal with rodents, birds, bugs, bees, or bats.


If you need any wildlife exclusion, wildlife damage repair, dead animal removal, wildlife
clean up, or if your problem is with rodents, birds, bugs, bees, or bats, please contact
one of the “full service” companies listed below.  They have excellent reputations, and
they will be happy to assist you.


Triangle Critter Control:


Trapper Dan, Raleigh NC: